Weather & Climate

Here I have been gathering useful weather forecast web services from around the world. I try to distinguish the most profitable  weather websites from many other, available for almost every country. I would like to find as much as possible weather services aimed at a numerical weather pattern and analyses of the atmospheric conditions to make an easy access and better understanting of the global weather patterns. I am also focused on the global climate and its changes throughout the decades. At the top I presented the most interesting widgets, which might be helpful for you.

Web service
AirNowThe Air Quality Index across the USA and eastern Canada. The daily forecast is downloadable in KML files.
Airquality.Weather.govThe air quality forecast for USA. You can also find a dust forecast there.
AllMetSatThis is wide-developed international weather service, that provides a lot of weather data like satellite imagery, climate data and marine meteorology. Weather forecast is available up to 10 days ahead. Here is a tropical cyclone report also.
BlitzortungLightning live world map with division of the continents and its parts. The server offers also archival maps and opportunity to create your own thunderstorm map. The server calculates roughly how many strikes took place in last hours.
Burze.dzis.netDetailed real-time lightning weather forecast for Europe
Climate ReanalyzerThe interactive visualization of the weather and global climate datasets. This page allowes you to search the weather in certain place around the World. The climate section offers the GIF animation gallery, environmental change model and monthly reanalyses.
Clear OutsideVery useful and detailed (hour by hour) forecast mainly for stargazing purposes. Site serves a fie basic astronomiocal info such a moon phase or day length. Just paste your coordinates or type some town to get forecast quickly.
Dust.aemet.esSpanish service, which main aim is monitoring the Saharan dust, that comes to the Europe and Mediterranean region. There are information about current research projects. Main feature is the downloadable dust forecast records in KML files.
Eldorado WeatherWorlwide weaher service with very useful links and information.
European Severe Weather DatabaseLive report of severe weather from the European countries. The server provides also archival sewere wether database with links to news or Youtube footages.
Forecast.uoa.grGreek weather service offering dust forecast for Europe, Mediterranean and central Asia region. Another feature is a global wave forecast with regional divisions. The service also provides an interactive weather forecast and air quality measurements for central Europe, Mediterranian and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Gmes-atmosphere.euThe air quality live forecast, that includes also ozone layer forecat, UV index, gases and aerosols concentration. The most detailed forecast available for Europe, general is global.
Icelandic Met OfficeMain weather forecast page for Iceland. The portal offers many information about Icelandic climate and live weather patterns. You can find there a aurora weather predictions, earthquake reports, sea ice observations.
LightningmapsLightning live world map with division for all continents and their regions.
Meteoalarm.euThis website provides the most relevant information needed to prepare for extreme weather expected to occur somewhere in Europe. The server offers you selecting severe weather information for today & tomorrow.
Maps.meteo.plDetailed numerical weather forecast for Central Europe and less detailed for Europe and Mediterranean. The main issues has been taken into account like: temperature, pressure, clouds and precipitation. Many meteograms for the Central Europe locations.
MeteoblueVery useful weather forecast for a lot of places around the Globe. Besides the weather forecast itself, the service provides access to webcams from many places around the world. This service features also a seasonal forecast, climate comparison and some archival data, which are downloadable in CSV format.
MeteocentreThis is a weather forecast for Europe and North America (mainly Canada). The most interesting are climate analyses with monitoring and also cyclone tracking. Moreover you can find there a few links to another forecast facilities.
Meteogram.comDetailed weather meteograms from any location around the world. Very useful.
Meteoguru.comA weather forecast map for any place around the world with a big archival data for many of them for period 1950s to 2013. Moreover some weather maps are available. An visitor can have a quick access to some webcams available near the location desired.
Modellzentrale.deDetailed numerical weather forecast for Western Europe and the World. A lot of graphic charts and weather maps from a whole World. The archival database is also available.
Monsoondata.orgWeather forecast with decent meteograms and climate analysis for South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan).
Mountain WeatherWorlwide mountain weather with very rich summit catalogue. Perfect for hiking and mountaineering as well as simple walks.
Mountain Weather Information ServiceVery detailed weather service with daily reports for all mountainuous areas of the UK. Moreover this is also a good webcam base.
National Snow Analyses 3D InterfaceDaily snow reports and snow coverage maps available in KML files for USA region running by NOAA.
NetWeather.tvThis is a weather service aimed on the British Isles. However there is also a stuff provided for Europe and North Atlantic regions like jet stream and stratosphere forecast. Detailed weather forecast has been covered Alps region and USA too.
Ocean prediction centerDetailed marine weather forecast for Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Ocean. You can find a lot of important data here. Weather forecast is possible to download in KML files.
PassageweatherThe best weather service for sailing. You can find there a detailed marine forecast for around the globe with wind, sea temperature and visibility. Moreover the animations are downloadable in .ZIP files.
Pivotal WeatherThis is a numerical weather data provided for the USA. You can also find there the severe weather and winter weather predictions. You can also generate the GIF animations up to 2 week periods.
Sat24Real-time satellite imagery both visual and infrared, that has been developed with another weather layers like precipitation. The imagery available mainly for Europe and Africa, however recently it covers all continents around the Globe.
Severe.WorldWeather.wmo.intOfficial observations and warnings before extremal weather around the globe. Website contains forewarns before tropical cyclones, thunderstorms and other.
Snow forecastWorldwide snow forecast for ski resorts. Weather maps also available.
SpotWxVery handy interactive numerical forecast, which search all numerical forecast models available in your area and show you a weather forecast for most elements.
StrangThe main page of mesoscale model for solar radiation, that provides the data for UV radiation, direct radiation and active radiation. The covered area is Scandinavia and Baltic Sea. The website offers also archival data since 1999.
TheWeatherOutlookNumerical live weather forecast for the Britush Isles with interactive radar. The website offers a long-term weather prediction for UK and cities around the globe also.
Weather.govDetailed numerical weather forecast with good meteograms. Moreover the service provides a climatic and astronomical data. Everything for USA.
Weather.uwyo.eduWide weather data for cities around the globe. The most interesting are surface observations and upper-air observations with maps. This page features the GFS numerical forecast also. You can sane maps in GIF and PDF files.
WeatherSparkVery detailed climate & astronomical data for all places around the globe. You can check what the assumed weather can be in the certain day of the year.
WindfinderVery similar ti weather forecast service, however less options provided. This service is to be developed more in the future.
Windy.comVery modern and convenient real-time weather forecast service with all weather elements available. On top of that here you can find easy access to webcams around the world. The service enables you to measure distance and offers 3D view.
Weather UndergroundGlobal weather forecast, that provides many interactive radar forecast, e.g. severe weather, sea surface map. The most detailed forecast is provided for USA (with web cameras) and next Europe (severe weather map). Weather charts are available for most of places around the globe.
WxCharts.euAn interactive weather data viewer focused on Europe and North America, however the data are shown from around the world. This server is based on the numerical weather forecast. You can check the weather in your location here.
WxMaps.orgA global weather service. The most interesting is hurricane potential maps. Moreover you can find there a short term climate outlooks, regional climate maps for USA, Canada, Mexico and India. There are also GIF animations of global precipitation.
Yr.noDetailed weather maps for the Scandinavia and Baltic region. Nice statistical weather (temperature, precipitation) and javascript weather charts to embed on your private website. Detailed climate information for Norway and meteograms with a long-term forecast for most of places around the Globe.