Maps & Views

Everything except Google Maps, Bing Maps and Street View from both platforms, which are commonly known.

See also the list of World’s street views.

Google Maps customizerA tool, where you can customize your Google Map and set it dimensions (larger, than the screen).
GridReferenceFinderA map tool for grid finder in UK & Ireland. there is a lot of options to manipulate KML files, draw your own object interactively and export them to common formats like CSV.
HereWeGo mapsNice and detailed maps with satellite imagery.
Instant Street ViewAs the name says instant, because you have got all 360deg street view photos available once type the address. StreetViews comes from Google.

Maps OpenRouteServiceA good alternative to Google Maps, where you can plan your route, analyze the region by using a multitude of layers like OpenStreetMap, Surfer Map, etc. The best atitude of this tool is the isochrone generation up to 1 hour range.
MapillaryIt can become a very, very handy tool soon due to lot of options as has been offered there in a matter of street view objects detection. So far satellite imagery is quite poor, but there are a few map layers like own Mapillary, OpensteetMap or Esri. Major factor is a street view built by users, which comes from many places, where Google haven't reach so far. Photos are on different quality unfortunately. A service provides an option to take part in some paid projects.
OpenStreetCamAnother worldwide Street View crowdsource.
OpenStreetMapvery good worldwide map service with crowsourced data. Mapr are very detailed, especially for cyclemap layer.
SatdropsInstant satellite imagery for particular location.
Show my streetVery handy Google StreetView, which zoomable satellite imagery at a whole scale.
Yandex MapsMaps available worldwide. Apart from maps a photos are available (like former StreetView mainly for cities from former Soviet Union countries.