All relevant servers, where you can convert the files to use them in GIS software.

ConvertCSVVery good tool, where you can manipulate the CSV files to all formats: PDF, HTML, GeoJSON, KML, XML, SQL and YAML. The conversion is possible other way round too. lot of tools available for map and geocoding. Geoprocessing and geocoding possible for UK stuff.
GeoreferencerGeoreferencing images into the map (from PNG to GeoTiff) only 1 map available in free version.
GPS VisualizerWide GIS data manipulation between all GPS formats to Google Maps API.
MyGeodata Cloud ConverterAn instant file conversion between a following extensions: KML, KMZ, SHP, DXF, GeoJSON, CSV and TAB. Moreover an user can convert a GeoTIFF files to AalGrid, ENVI, GRD and other way round. All mentioned extensions are the most common. This web converter offers much more.